how to paste asciiART with a key or key combinations

the app allows to set up 2 interesting kind of shortcuts
→ “hotstrings”  ≥ 2char  ( in the vid   f b [ )
and  a little faster
→ ~ 25 hotkeys i.e. [f7]
→ ~130 keySstroke shortcuts* i.e. [1|2] [ALT|space][S─X]

ulmtd # “one after another key” shortcuts for urlS, pathes, callto, multiline text + macros from sex on Vimeo.

* your keyboard must support this and there is an additional output from  the 1st shortcut character.
to keep the advantage
2) use as the 1st key the 1st character  from your wanted output i.e.
KeySstroke 1 & 2   output  ” 1) XXXXXXX……………